Project #4–Portraiture Brainstorm

Project #4—Portraiture, Brainstorm

For this project, I want to take portrait photos with background being associated with the people themselves. That is to say, how the people behave, how they are dressed, and what the environment are will be connected to the person being taken photo with.

I will use natural light for this project because most of the photos will be taken outdoor and it reveals everything more naturally. I want the portrait photos be more ordinary as daily life photos. So I will just let my models being themselves and do whatever they want—but looking at the camera occasionally. The background or dressing or behavior will be selected carefully because I want to emphasis on the connections and therefore identify those people.

Project #3 In Limbo–Art Statement





In Limbo—Art Statement

For the project 3—in limbo—I chose three different locations as one in Beloit College, one in the Chinese New Year Party, and another one in Madison western mall. The multiple choosing of places helps show the variety of people’s behaviors, and this variety did bring lots of fun staff in my photos. To capture quick moments without blurring too much, I took all the photos with my camera instead of phone. My goal for this project is to experience with street photography, that is, to frozen a particular moment of people without their consciousness.

My first photo, In Party, was taken in the Chinese New Year Celebration Party. I saw a man sitting alone at a round table while it was crowded elsewhere in the party. The background red color in China red is regarded as a symbol of happiness and liveliness. So I titled this photo In Party to create a contrast to his being alone in order to show his loneliness in the New Year day when family and friends should gather and celebrate together.

My second photo, Back “Peep”, was also taken in the Chinese New Year Celebration Party. It is a very funny moment because when I took the photo, I thought the man wearing glasses was watching the girl wearing glasses in front. However, later on I found out that they actually have no relationship at all because the man was talking to an old woman blocked by the girl that seems like he was “peeping” her. This seemly but not existing connection makes the photo rather interesting to look at.

My third photo, Long Waiting, was taken in western mall in Madison. I saw the father and son when I was waiting for my friends in the shoes’ shop. They were obviously waiting for the mother who was shopping then. While the father was sitting there trying to call somebody, the son was focusing on the iPad screen playing games. They were so careful then that neither of them noticed the shutter sound of my camera. I titled this photo as long waiting to show their feelings of being bored while waiting for woman finish shopping—which seems no end!

My final photo, Can’t Help, was also taken in western mall in Madison. Two men turned their heads towards the big TV on the wall at the same time when they hearing news on baseball. That news made them keep this position for more than 5 minutes that seemed to have no interests for food on the table in front of them any more. I like their expressions very much because they both showed extreme concerns and cares for the news or baseball game happening there.

The thing I want to try next time is to frame my photograph. I took several framed photos at downtown Beloit last week but they are badly framed. So for next project I will try my best to capture well framed photos.

Inspiration for project #3

A long road to discovery

This photography by Benjamin Lowy looks very interesting. The old woman seems to enjoy the free time and get a good cohesion into the comfortable background environment. The barber’s shop is also in an old style, with old-fashtioned green sofa and handwriting price list on the wall. The whole photo creates an atmosphere of being peaceful and joy, which is also the daily life moment.

A long road to recovery

This photography creates a frame that was consisted of two parts, one is in the bus, the other is outside of the bus. Those two parts are combined by using the window as a frame and they also illustrate the contradiction of moving forward and backward.

A long road to recovery

This photography uses glass to  reflect objects, creating a nice frame that helps emphasis. Because of the reflection, we don’t know where the reality actually lies. The person that was walking behind may not actually be there. This illustration makes the photo afford to think, and interesting to look at.

A long road to recovery

This photography was well framed. The symmetry between these two women is emphasized and the blurring creates a sense of depth.

In Limbo Brainstrom

For this project I want to focus on moments happened on people, and how people response to with their postures, facial expression, and  even their hidden emotions. I don’t want to focus on special moments but on ordinary people and common life. I will use both natural lighting and flash because natural lighting is the best in the day and flash can help highlight in the dark. I am going to take photos without others’ notice but still with my camera. I don’t want to use my phone because it can not take people that are moving fast. And photo quality is worse than photos taken by camera.

My desire outcome is that people can have a feeling of daily life when looking at my photos. And I want to all my photos to be colored because i think colors can help add the sense of daily life, and can also help with expressing emotions. I am not going to use special technology because I am taking daily life and it is simplest way of life.

Ben lowy Please click!!!

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Cell Phone Photography

From my perspective, I approve Ben Lowy’s opinion concerning cell phone photography. Since everyone carries phone, it has become the easiest (almost) and most convenient access for taking photos, especially for accidental or instant scenes. Photography is a kind of method of driving people into a real, unnoticed world; and cell phone photography is an excellent choice for that purpose. Journalist for news stories can capture quick moments by cell phone photographs when they don’t get time for carrying out a big, expensive photo-taking machine. Artists can use cell phones to capture the beauty whenever and wherever they are, no need to worry about the heavy camera. Besides, cell phone photographs do add converse perspectives into photo that makes it better for creating a story by using different lens and effects. Those who think cell phone photography is not a “serious” art are just worrying that people will take photography as a cheap, easy work.

However, I don’t like people adding too many effects that change everything in a photo. It just betray the principle of photography of bring reality and truth to public. Though it may help portray stories, it still hurt the quality of art because of posting fake, unreal staff.

Below is photo of Ben Lowy by cell phone photography.


Art statement– Project 2 Emotion Color

Art Statement:

For the project 2—Color and Emotion—I was distributed the emotion “amazed”. To display this emotion, I chose a soft color background with bright light on the object. “Amazed” is a trick color because it always combines with other emotions: either it is angry, happy, anxious, or ridiculous. Hence I avoid the strong contrast of colors because it may display more of strong emotions like angry or rage; but a weak contrast may not reveal this momentary strong emotion either. So I chose soft colors such as brown and yellow as background color, while the strong natural light highlighting the objects.

Inspired from the wedding series, I want to take photos of subjects that emphasis the relationship of those subjects. Since we are usually unaware of the sense of time, I finally chose to shot pictures emphasizing the relationship between people and time—and alarm clock is a good choice.

My four photos were taken under a situation of “amazed by alarm clock”, and they were connected also by the sense of time. Though my photos were taken under a dark light, I am not going to make them too unpleasing to eyes otherwise there will be no standouts in photos. I tend to post bright light on the alarm clock and make the human face under the dark light so that the sense of time can be highlighted.

Inspiration for Project 2–The Wedding Series









I chose this wedding series from a unknown photographer because he/she showed the emotion of “amazed” perfectly. Though using sorely facial expression sounds way far from being special and “amazing”, he/she took those photos in a way that really offers a sense of reality and touched me a lot. It is that we SHARE this feeling that makes the series rather profoundly and impressively.

Generally, the photographer used a blurred background with bright color, and posted light on the bridegroom who had the highlighting expression. The relationship between the person and the background helps reveal the reasons for the “amazed” expression. And a sense of moment and motion was added to those photos—both are helpful for the display of  amazing.

I love those photos very much cause the photographer took them but not intentionally just took them. The atmosphere of being happy and moved has made the series admirable.







Post 1–Critique

Post 1–Critique

After the critique class for project 1, I got many useful feedbacks from both my classmates and professor. Overall all my four photos were good. I took a different method of taking the four photos as a series while my classmates took individual ones. I intended on focusing on the movement of the berries but almost all my classmates thought they were frozen, and that is where I should improve by using many other techniques. The other thing I should improve is that my photos is not exactly “moving close”, the using of angle and space did not create neither abstraction nor unseen aspect. I love my last photo most because that photo really shows the movement of the berries and the clear water and bubbies do look fantastic with sunshine.

Photoshop work–changing color



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