Project #5 Art Statement






Art Statement for Project #5

My topic for the project #5 is Mask Wearing. I began this research when I notice the controversial sides of one of my friend’s personalities. She is always talkative, charming, outgoing, with a great sense of humor when we are chatting online, through any social network such as Facebook and twitter. However, interestingly, when we talked face-to-face, she always remains silent, being shy and indifferent. What’s wrong? Is anything that makes differences? I have considered it really hard and there is one thing that maybe the answer—mask. I found it interesting because I have no idea what the mask is while I am sure there is a mask on her. I can’t tell which side of her is true and which side is a mask.

My inspiration is from the movie Spiderman. Before Peter Parker was bitten by the spider, he was an ordinary high school student. Being shy, self-abased, noteless in school, he had many dreams but was helpless to achieve. However, after he became the Spiderman, he became able to reach his dreams—he helps the poor, fights the evils, saves the world, and protects the girl he loves. When he wears the mask, he is actually a true self. The Spiderman mask turns to something that actually reveals the true self of him. And that is what I want to express in my photos.

I have five photos for this series. The first three photos were taken when the girl was not masked, while the last two photos shows the girl wearing a Spiderman mask.

Each of the five photos reveals a kind of feeling or the girl’s personalities.

The first photo shows a girl standing alone at the riverside and looking at the end of the bridge where a single bird is standing. The consistency between the bird and the girl reminds us of the fact that they are sharing the same lonely feeling. I used off-central focus on this photo to emphasis on the girl as the bird corresponds to her. The frame was chosen as the girl and the bird are the only two roles in the photo, which adds the feeling of loneliness to the atmosphere.

The second photo shows that the girl seizing the net tries to look into the empty tennis court. As frame cuts the edge, we have no idea whether there people there in the tennis court or not. The way she is standing creates a desperate and urgent feeling, leaving a space for imaging what happened at that time. Shadows are added to the girl creating a passive atmosphere.

The third photo shows the girl being shadowed over. She is not standing straightly and her hands are hidden in her pockets. She is facing down and is not exactly looking at something. Those standing postures tell us what the girl is like—sensitive, self-protective, and self-closing. I chose an open space to take this photo in order to construct the contrast and kind of make the personalities of the girl prominent.

The fourth and fifth photos show a completely different scene compared with the first three photos. In the first three photos, I was trying to create a passive atmosphere while the last two shows the opposite feelings. For the fourth one—the girl lying on the sofa with a laptop—the light is soft and she seems really relaxed and therefore creates a comfortable feeling. Most importantly, she is wearing the Spiderman mask, as if she were the Spiderman who is omnipotent. The last photo tells more about the situation. The screen of the laptop shows that she is chatting on Facebook, her eye shows that she was smiling. She is dressing in a fashionable way These two photos that show the girl is wearing a mask actually reveal the fact that she is “unmasked”. This is the true self of her—fashionable, talkative, and vivid.

As you look at the photo one by one, you will find that the vision of the photos becomes dimmer, like time passing by through the five photos. Besides, more and more shadows are added to the girl for the first four photos, and closer moving on to the last two photos.

Mask may not sorely something that hidden the truth, it may also be something that reveal the true self.

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