Plans for project #5

For this project, I got most of my idea from the movie Spider Man. The spider man is actually an ordinary, inconspicuous high school student, but he changes to a hero who saves the world when he wearing the mask.

The mask can be something helps hide, but it may also be something that helps reveal. Like the spider man, when he wears the mask, he becomes a real him who helps with problems, fight the evils, and brave to say love to beloved girls. But when he took off the mask, he is like wearing a mask that hide all the good part of him. That is where my idea comes from.

So for my project, I also want to use this idea to express the real connection between mask and the person. I will take photos of people without wearing mask and show that it may be not the real part of them. Meanwhile, I will take photos with people wearing masks and suggest maybe the they are more real with mask over.

I want to use natural light for the unmask photos and use flash with those masked ones.

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