Project 5 Brainstorm

For this project, I have several ideas that want to explore.

Frist of all, I want to address the question of choice. We get at least two choices every time when we meet the crossroads and we are so concerned for the choices we made because we can not come back to make another one. Making choices could be annoying because the uncertain future it brings to and the disappearing of backups. However, making choices could still be fun, it is the reason that varies the world and brings more results.

Secondly, I want to address the sense of balance, whether it is the balance between ideal and reality or freedom and limitation. I attach great importance to the balance in life and want to show how is it gonna  work in a way.

Finally, I want to address the uses of social network, such as Facebook and twitter. My focus is on the reality staff. People tend to wear mask when they are in real world and take off it when they are in the network. Others like to hide themselves in the fake world while being themselves in the real world. The mask wearing is not necessarily a bad thing because we hide for reasons, which is what I want to exploit.

For all the three ideas, I want to use natural light and blurring. Natural light helps the coloring in a photo; blurring helps add energy in.

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