In Limbo Post Critique

For the critique for project 3, we messed up our photos on the board and talked them as all. As a general, my work did good, especially for the IN PARTY one. But there were also many details that can be improved. I did a poor job on naming these photos, making it less interesting than it should be. Sometimes a poor name also made the photo became misunderstanding. I remember in class there was one photo named I AM STAYING that showed a homeless man sitting on a bench while a big sigh behind him saying MUST GO, which was named perfectly. Another thing is that my LONG WAITING one was a little bit blurring, which was resulted from that camera being zoomed in too much while not physically close to the subject. Compared with other students’ work, all my photos were lack of energy. Some movement and the design of frame should be added in photos to create energy in. I should also shift my focus from the center to the edge to create more dynamic compositions.

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