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BrainStorm for Project 1 — Cutting Edge


For this project 1 Cutting Edge that aims at moving close, I am going to use the unseen approach because I am interested in how ordinary objects may look surprising from a different perspective, or some details that we see every day without noticing how beautiful they are. In that case, my subject matter will be common staffs in our everyday life. I will take photos from a perspective that makes the common staff look special or take photos that expose details showing the real life that gives the sense of natural and just. The shallow depth of field will be used in my photo in order to get my object in focus by blurring the background. I will also use a bright light posting on my object so that the details will be emphasized (Just like the photos taken by Eileen Cowin that have clear focuses).

My desired outcome is to make my viewer have a feeling of surprising, cause I am taking photos of common staff that they can see almost every day but they may look differently when posting in a different perspective. I also want to try the off center focus because it can create a golden section that makes the photos look better.

Post 2 — Inspirations


I chose this photograph “A Wooly Saga of Creek” by Eszter Burghardt because it utilizes an “unseen approach” that shows a special perspective (ant perspective) of viewing the wooly on creek. The details of the fuzzy wooly and the colors of the whole picture show a harmony among those objects, and the wooly on the two sides while the creek in the middle creates a symmetry balance for the whole picture.

Photographer: Eszter Burghardt

Photo Link:


I chose this untitled photograph by Tanya Bonakdary because the way she used the unseen approach. It took me a second to realize that it is the window frames instead of scene outside the window that are in focus, while the blurred background scene makes a great harmony for the whole picture.

Photographer: Tanya Bonakdary

Photo Link:

Book-Photography-CaraBarer-how-to-72 (1)

I chose this untitled photograph by Cara Barer because it gives a special perspective for an ordinary old book. All the curved lines are perfect for creating a harmony.

Photographer: Cara Barer

Photo Link:


I chose this untitled photograph by Eileen Cowin because I really love her way of taking DETAILED photos. She takes photos of parts of human body—like this one—took a photo of a woman’s eye with heavy eye line, which adds the sense of reality and make the photo natural and just.

Photographer: Eileen Cowin

Photo Link:

Design Elements


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Curved Lines

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Negative Space

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Implied Lines



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